Featured Locomotive for March 2011

'Stanier' class 5 -

This month we again return to British locomotives- in this case Stanier's Class 5- a 4-6-0 known as a 'Black 5'. The engine was designed in 1934 by William Stanier for the LMS (London Midland & Scottish Railway).

The Stanier Locomotive

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It was a go anywhere mixed traffic engine which incorporated ideas Stanier got while working for GWR (Great Western Railway). Through out the class's existence continual modifications were made with much experimenting. In all 842 were made - our number 5091 was made by Vulcan Foundry Ltd in 1935. It is interesting to note that the Foundry only survived the Great Depression because it won an order for 125 Black Fives. 5091 travelled in excess of 2,000,000 miles and was scrapped in 1967. Well we all know 'Thomas, the tank engine'- well here 'Henry- the green engine' a repainted Black 5. In the first months of service in 1934 the LMS train #5020 'Royal Scot' with 15 coaches an 495 tons, she travelled with maximum load- on time- without incident. (See article on 3805 last month.)

It was arguably the best buy ever made by any railway anywhere in respect of handling express passenger or goods trains. The huge number built add to this testimony. The last of the class was withdrawn in 1968. Today there are 18 in preservation 15 working or in the workshop.

Details of the engine are

  • Tractive effort 25455lb (11550kg)
  • Axle load 40700lb (18.5 tonnes)
  • Cylinders 2 18.5 X 28in (470 x 711mm)
  • Driving wheels 72in ( 1829mm)
  • Total heating surface 2245 sq ft ( 208.5 sq m)
  • Steam pressure 225psi (15.8kg/sq cm)
  • Fuel - coal 20200lbs (9 tonnes)
  • Total weight 288000lbs (129 tonnes)
  • Length o/a 67ft 7.75ins (20618mm)

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