Featured Locomotive for October 2011

The Rack & Pinion Railway

This month we will look at the Rack Railway and it's locomotive.

The Rack railway or Rack & Pinion railway was invented in 1882 by Swiss engineer, Carl Roman ABT, being based on the original work by John Blenkinsop in 1811.

The system involves a pinion gear under the locomotive engaging a rack set between the rails. The pinion was driven by a separate set of pistons. Australia has had a number of rack railways including the operational Mt Lyell to Strachan line in Tasmania, the Mt Morgan line in Qld and the Ski-Tube railway in the NSW Alps. Rack railways have many industrial uses - often used in tunnel constructione, sewerages, etc.

Rack and Pinion Railway

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Our model built by LGB, Germany is a HG3/3; 0-6-0 tank locomotive of 1 metre gauge, the original was built circa 1920 by the Swiss Locomotive & Machinery Works, who were world famous for mountain locomotives. Number 1068 was one of seventeen locomotives built to order for SBB between 1910 & 1926. Our prototype operated the Interlaken-Luzern Line for many years.

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