Featured Locomotive for November 2011

The Articulated Locomotive

This month we will look at the arrangement of the articulated locomotive. The main types being Mallet (pronounced like ballet) after Anatole Mallet, 1878. Rear engine is fixed to the boiler, front engine free to move side to side. The Meyer (Jean Jacques Meyer, 1868), where both engines are free to move sideways. The Kitson Meyer, a stretched version of above and the Garratt (Herbert William Garratt, 1907) where the two engines were well apart and support the boiler.

These types were extensively compared in Henry Deane's book 'Wolgan Railway Construction' (P25-27). In this case the slower Shay won against the Garratt due to cost and physical size. The massive 60 Class Garratts in NSW made an entry and exit at the very end of the steam era. Today we feature the Class K Garratt, which was proposed for NSW Government in 1907 - not proceeded with. In 1908 the Tasmanian Government Railway requested design of a Mallet from Beyer Peacock, who suggested the new K Class Garratt - accepted with the modification that the compound cylinders were to face inwards. With the high pressure cylinder under the engine crews' feet, the engine was very uncomfortable in hot weather. Two engines were built together in 1909 and became known as K1 and K2.

The K2 Garrett

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The vital statistics are:
Manufactured :   Beyer Peacock & Co
Cylinder HP2 :   11"x 16" (290x410mm)
LP2 :   17"x16" (430x410mm)
Wheel dia. :   31 1/4" (800mm)
Boiler pressure :   95psi (13.4 bar)
Total wheel base :   26'9" (8.15m)
Heating area :   628 sq ft (58.4 sq m)
Grate area :   14.8 sq ft (1.37 sq m)
Fuel :   1 ton (1.1t) oil
Water :   840 gallons (3800L)
Total weight Adhesive weight :  33.54 tones (34.5t)
Tractive effort :   85% boiler pressure 16290 lbs (72.46kN)
Gauge :   2ft (610mm)

Our model of the K Class is No.2, built from a kit purchased from England and constructed by Mr Norm Mitchell of Coffs Harbour.

K2 together with NGG16 Garratt, a Meyer and a Mallet will be on show at the next Sofala Show, 26 Feb 2012 - we will remind you. Our photograph shows K2 on its maiden run pulling passenger coaches of the period in Isle of Wight livery (presently used on WHR).

The next open day is Boxing Day, 26th December (Sunday). The main Museum will NOT be open on this day.

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