Featured Locomotive for January 2013

DCS Sound Systems

This month we wish to discuss DCS Sound Systems , infact the MTH Proto Sound 2 digital control system. Recently a small group motored down from Coffs Harbour specifically to experience the Kurremi Garden Railway and to have a hands on exercise (a day's travel each way with a day's rest in between).

Considering that our guests included expert model makers and model railway builders we felt that we should show them something that they had most likely never seen. MTH does not have a huge exposure in Australia, perhaps the Lionel brand is more readily known in 'O' Gauge. The Railking Gauge 1 is the one that interests us,the loco are big - 30cms to 150cm long and quite heavy, beautifully detailed & well made. The operation of DCS is as follows. The track voltage is a steady 20 volts - all loco activities are radio controlled from a single hand-piece. Every model of Gauge 1 MTH has an electronic signature and once inputted into the controller remains there. We show this system on a layout 12ft (3.6m) x 16ft (4.8m) and are able to run two locos on a single track. Having selected the loco to run, it is then has to be started up - lights on, sound on - motors come to life and the crew chatters, air brakes pump as do injectors. The speed control is a wheel, each notch being 1smph (scale miles per hour) the locos smoke and the puffs are in sync to the chuffs, chuffs can be varied from 2 to 16 beats per revolution - Triplex uses 12beats/r. The horn and bell sound real and volume of sound is adjustable. As an engine slows the brakes squeal, smoke out-put can be varied and just to finish it off the locos are fitted with for and aft automatic coupling. The scale is 1:32 which equates to 4'8.5"reduced to 45mm.


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Locos displayed to our visitors were a J3a Hudson, Triplex (photo), Challenger (Big Boys little sister), ALCO PA Diesel. A grand time was had by all topped off with a BBQ Tbone steak and a glass of red.

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