Welcome to Kurremi Garden Railway


Nestled in the hills just outside of Sofala, Kurremi Garden Railway is a model train enthusiasts delight. From young to old, there is something for everyone.

Part of Kurremi garden railway track

Model collectors usually only collect one road name or one state or brand. For our Kurremi Railway, we decided to have a collection aimed at the engineering, so we have anything from a small ‘Field’ loco to ‘Big Boy’ which is the biggest, most successful of all! – OK, we know that bigger locos were built, but none were as successful.

We have both standard and unusual locomotives. With a range of rolling stock we can promise our visitors different experiences every time they visit. read more .....

Kurremi Model Village

The Kurremi Village

Having built a mostly circular railway of 50 metres circumference with 170m of track, we created a vacant space in the middle. With a little research, we commissioned the building of an Australian village circa 1925, with timber, bark, fibro and corrugated iron buildings, now known as ‘Kurremi’. read more .....

Sit down, relax, enjoy the bush setting, and spot the various bird life that thrive around the garden.

Finding Kurremi Garden Railway

We are easy to find, just download a mud map and follow the directions on our maps page .....

Can We Cater for Large Groups?

Absolutely, we can arrange the day to suit your needs, see our contact page for all our details.

How did ‘Kurremi’ get it's name?

The name Kurremi is the combination of the name of the Kurrajong tree and the Wollemi Pine which are both featured in the garden. The logo itself is a combination of the flowers of both trees.

Wollemi Pine in Nature

The Wollemi Pine is sometimes called the “Dinosaur tree” or the “living fossil”.

Kurrajong Tree in Nature

The Kurrajong, besides being an attractive tree, is well-known as an excellent fodder tree which can be readily lopped for stockfeed during droughts.