Featured Locomotive for September 2011

Harz 2-10-2

This month we put aside children's toys and look at a massive German locomotive of 1954. It is a 2-10-2 tank steam locomotive and it is unusual to have such a large locomotive without a tender, obviously water is plentiful in the mountains of Saxonia and the length of the short line only 87 miles (140km). The gauge is 1,000mm (3ft 3 3/8in). There were nine in the class, our model is 99-7234-9 - now referred to as 99234, currently it acts as a tourist train hauling the traditional open platform bogie carriages. The 140km route is very scenic and in places quite steep.

The Massive German Locomotive of 1954

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On 1 February 1993 the private railway company, Harzer Schmalspurbahnen GmbH (HSB) took over all stock lines, staff, etc from Deutsche Reichsbahn (DR) operating a network of three lines - our locomotive worked the Harz line from Gernrode to Magdesprung. The locomotive was manufactured by LKM of Babelsberg, in former East Germany, work number 134012.

Not being able to read or speak German we have not been able to obtain any technical information on the magnificent locomotive. Our picture was taken at Mt. Victoria May Train Weekend and is shown hauling German passenger cars.

The next open day is 25th September (Sunday). The main Museum will NOT be open on this day.

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