Featured Locomotive for March 2012

The NGG16 No138 'Beyer-Peacock Garratt' locomotive

This month the Kurremi Garden railway features the NGG16 No138 Beyer-Peacock Garratt built in 1958, which was retrieved from South Africa and is now in Wales, an exhibit at the Welsh Highland Railway since 1998. The model is made of brass and stainless steel and powered by steam, made by Accucraft UK, it is superbly detailed. It is modelled on the Welsh Highland Railway exhibit, who also own the K1 - the first Garratt ever built in 1909 and repatriated from Tasmania in 1947. The prototype No. 138 was taken to Wales in 1985. A similar Garratt made in Japan for LGB is electric.

The NGG16 No138 BeyerPeacock Garratt locomotive

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Herbert Garratt had an idea for a design of an articulated locomotive in 1902, working in conjunction with the drawing office of Beyer-Peacock after he initially approached them about amounting heavy artillery on bogies, Kitson had rejected the notion of an articulated loc. He was inspecting engineer for NSW Government. Garratt died during the 1st World War so his idea didn't take much root until after 1918 - much to the relief of his impoverished widow. Today the name of 'Beyer,Peacock Garratt' is world famous, as are the massive engines to the ferro-equineologist (Iron horse lover).

The loco is posing on the live steam circuit together with two passenger cars in Isle of Wright livery (cream and russet) also by Accucraft UK. The loco is painted in Edison blue acknowledging the participation of Edison Mission Energy and is regarded as the most powerful narrow gauge loco of the time.

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