Featured Locomotive for February 2013

The Mikado locomotive 2-8-2, Revisited

This month we talk about Challenger 4-6-6-4 Loco , the articulated design of locomotive used in America and Europe dating back to the 1870's, an invention of the Swiss engineer, Anatole Mallet.

Numerous designs were used in America until 1914 when the US Railway Administration Board was set up to standardise the design of locomotives. The standard Mallet was 2-8-8-2 where the boiler is rigidly attached to the rear engine while the front of the engine is allowed to move sideways. The 4-6-6-4 design dates from 1936 through to 1945. They were high speed locomotives, 70mph (110kph) weighting in at 480 tonnes (481680kg)- all up, 40% of the weight was in the 14 wheel tender, loco maximum tractive approx. 97350lbs.

Used mainly for freight, sometimes passenger service, our example #5148 in Northern Pacific livery is shown hauling a passenger train. N.P. had 47 Challengers.

Mikado Locomotive K27

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