Featured Locomotive for January 2011

The 'Baldwin 4-4-0' locomotive

This month we focus on one of the really famous narrow gauge locomotives. The Baldwin 4-4-0 - a wood burner with an eight wheel tender. The locomotive dates from the end of the American Civil War and great rivalry developed over the adoption of the World Standard 4 foot 8.5 inch (1422mm) gauge Vis the cheaper 3 foot gauge (900mm).

Our locomotive gained international attention at the Philadelphia 'Centennial Exhibition'. In the exhibition grounds was a 3 foot gauge railway running two Baldwin locos, 4-4-0 'Schuylkill' and a 2-6-0. Both operated for 287 days hauling 4 million visitors for 16,000 miles , without incident. The normal running speed was 20mph but they could reach 35mph. Manufacture of this type of loco continued until 1940. About 25,000 of these Americans Standards were built and even more of the equivalent 2-6-0.

This was the type of loco made famous by Buster Kenton in his 1927 silent film 'The General' - a classic.


  • Length 41ft (12.5m)
  • Weight 22.5 tonnes
  • Driving Wheels 60 inch (1.52m)
  • Boiler Pressure 140psi (940kps)
  • Cylinder 15inches x 22 inches in stroke (38.1cm x 55.88cm)
  • Maximum Tractile Effort 6885lbs (3123kg)
  • Wood Capacity 256 cub ft (7.25cmt )
  • Water 1250gal (5683L)
The Baldwin Locomotive

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Our model is made by Bachmann to a scale of 20.5:1. It is a model of Baldwin Standard Design of 1878.

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