Featured Locomotive for August 2012

The ALCO PA A-A Diesel electric set

This month we will talk about the ALCO PA A-A Diesel electric set. Possibly one of the most beautiful locos ever made.

The Alco Locomotive

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It was highly popular in America which was widely regarded as the most beautiful first generation diesel. No other locomotive looked so right at the head of a streamline train of the late 1940's to 1960. 294 PA's and the cables PB's were built between 1946 and 1953. Under the hood of the PA was a 16 cylinder engine developing 2000hp each - the 4000hp or 6000hp combo could pull trains at 100mph (160kph). Most were scrapped by 1980 but two survived until 2000 and were rebuilt by the Smithsonian Institute- one in Santa Fe livery- the other 'Bluebird' scheme. The masts on top of the engines are for radio communication train to base.

Out model shown at Kurremi Station is by MTH of USA, it is controlled by Proto,Sound 2.0 system, which we believe to be one of the best currently available, sound, smoke out put, whistles, bells, crew chatter, etc are all variable to choice, while the speed of the unit can be set to be maintained on any gradient, starting can be so smooth it will not spill water. The livery displayed is Pennsylvania Rail Road (PRR), a russet red with gold stripe, pulling polished aluminium carriages - very similar to our India Pacific or Ghan - we don't have the Vista Dome - unfortunately. The detail of our coaches and suspension are quite remarkable.

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